Anesthesia Errors in Chicago

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Anesthesia is used to control the normal, vital functions of an individual during an invasive surgery. When used correctly, it blocks the patient from feeling pain from the incisions, while still allowing the patient to breathe regularly and to maintain normal blood pressure, flow, and heart rate.

Anesthesia is a central part of every major surgery, and is even used in some dentists’ offices. While it has been used in the operating room for decades upon decades, accidents still occur – accidents for which the medical staff should be held entirely accountable.

Types of Anesthesia

Not all anesthetics are applied for the purposes of putting the patient entirely under. They can be used to simply numb the area of the body at which the medical staff is going to be conducting their procedure. For all but one, the patient is wide awake and aware but has been numbed.

Three general types of anesthesia include:

  • Local Anesthesia: blocks pain in a small, specialized area
  • Regional Anesthesia: blocks pain in a larger area of the body, patient still awake
  • General Anesthesia: affects the entire body including the brain, can be injected or breathed

Common Mistakes Made with Anesthesia

Most mistakes are made with general anesthesia, because with local and regional anesthesia, the patient is awake, and doctors can communicate with the patient to be sure that the desired area has been fully numbed. Being fully unconscious during general anesthesia brings many dangers.

Patients can suffer horrific experiences and death if the following mistakes are made:

  • Failure to establish a proper breathing airway
  • Failure to monitor consciousness and vital signs
  • Failure to communicate changes in vital signs to operating surgeons
  • Failure to apply the correct dosage of anesthesia, too much or too little

A patient could be woken up during a procedure if the dosage is too small, leading to a nightmarish episode accompanied by unimaginable pain. In severe instances, something as negligent as failure to monitor vital signs can lead to a patient’s death. Justice needs to be obtained for these families.

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