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One of the most unfortunate forms of medical malpractice is birth injury. Throughout the duration of one’s pregnancy and especially during the birthing process, infant children are highly vulnerable to injuries that will cause lifelong physical disabilities. These disabilities not only affect them, but put their families through heavy emotional and financial burdens, as well.

Children of birth injuries and their families deserve compensation for the debilitated quality of life they and their families are forced to endure because of the reckless decisions made by their medical staff during the delivery process. We at Romanucci & Blandin are Chicago medical malpractice attorneys dedicated to bringing justice to these families and preventing future events.

Common Instances of Birth Injury

Birth injuries usually occur during difficult pregnancies, but it is crucial to understand that difficult pregnancies are never the fault of the mother. Obstetricians and labor and delivery nurses are trained to handle these, but all too often they fail to consider all factors and misuse birthing tools.

Mistakes during delivery can result in the following injuries:

Many of these are partial forms of paralysis, some of which can never be reversed and will affect the child for the rest of his or her life. While it will be impossible to correct these mistakes, the closest version of that available is to fight for the compensation to handle medical expenses, special living accommodations, individualized education, and what’s needed to live comfortably.

Putting the Right Team on Your Side

Many of us at Romanucci & Blandin have witnessed instances of medical malpractice in our personal lives that influenced us at early ages to pursue this line of work. That very same motivation, to make the world a safer place and to provide for those who deserve it, fuels each and every case we handle. We’ll fight to no end to secure the justice you deserve.

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