Chicago Caesarian Section Errors

Fighting Negligence in the Delivery Room

Caesarean sections (or C-sections) are surgical procedures by which a mother can bypass traditional birth and the infant can be removed from the abdomen and uterine wall. Because they pose several risks, both for the child and for the mother, these are usually only performed when necessary. Like any surgical procedures, errors can be made with them and lives may suffer.

The two main types of C-section error boil down to a failure to perform an emergency C-section when necessary, and surgical error made during the procedure. Many of the most common birth injuries, such as cerebral palsy and brachial plexus injuries occur as a result of failure to perform, while surgical errors still account for deadly ramifications. Call our firm if you have been affected.

Risks for the Mother & for the Child

When performed correctly, the mother and the child are quite often safe, unless there was a previous condition that could not have been prevented by the medical staff.

When doctors fail to perform C-sections or make surgical errors, the following can occur:

  • Bleeding and infection in the mother
  • Internal organ damage in the mother
  • Lacerated bowls in the child
  • Nerve damage in the child
  • Brain damage in the child
  • Blood clots and heart complications in the child
  • Several different forms of paralysis in the child
  • Death in either the child or the mother

Because C-sections are performed on a daily basis and have been performed in the United States since the late 18th century, we expect them to be performed accurately and for the purpose of saving lives instead of endangering them. You deserve help if you have been affected.

Finding Relief for Damages Suffered

The first priority is always the health and well-being of both the mother and the child. If this has been threatened or complicated, we recommend you act fast and call the Chicago medical malpractice attorneys at Romanucci & Blandin. We have nearly 140 years of experience fighting for patients just like you and children just like yours. The sooner you act, the better for your case.

Call (312) 313-0266 today to speak to a representative at our firm and begin recovering the damages you have wrongfully endured. It starts with you telling your story in a simple, free consultation.

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