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Children will always vary in developmental milestones and when they are achieved. Some children speak and walk earlier than others, and it is completely natural. However, there are more severe developmental delays that are much more apparent than the cases previously described, and they are often due to mistakes made by obstetricians and nurses in the delivery room.

Because we assume specialized doctors and other medical professionals know what it is best at any given time during delivery, we tend to not think twice regarding emergency decisions made by them. It becomes especially difficult to determine if a mistake has been made when you are not fully informed, and the effects of their decisions are only visible years after the delivery itself.

Causes of Developmental Delays

Developmental delays may not be immediately visible, but once discovered, they very often can be traced back to actions made or overlooked during a difficult delivery.

These can occur as a result of:

Developmental Areas That Can Be Affected

Development does not start and stop with walking and talking – the two main milestones that parents often use to measure advancement. A number of areas that could also be affected.

Birth injuries can result in the stifled development of the following skills:

  • Physical
  • Cognitive
  • Communication
  • Social
  • Emotional

These are the main faculties that contribute to a fully functional and healthy life, and all of them are controlled by respective, connected areas in the brain. It is likely that if a child suffers from one delay, he or she may also suffer in the areas of other capabilities, as well.

Seeking Compensation for Your Child’s Damages

Mistakes made in the delivery room that yield lasting, devastating effects on your child and your family should not go ignored. By reaching out to one of our birth injury attorneys in Chicago, not only can you receive the compensation you and your family need, but you can help prevent medical professionals from making the same mistakes they did in future deliveries.

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