Hypoxia & Anoxia During Birth

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The root of both of these terms stands for oxygen, and both conditions refer to lowered levels, or complete lack, of oxygen in the vital internal organs in the body that need them. More specifically, anoxia refers to the complete lack of oxygen and hypoxia refers to a lowered and dangerous level of oxygen passing through vital organs. Both can cause lifelong deficiencies in an infant.

The most likely reason an infant is not receiving the proper amounts of oxygen has to do with a pinch or a kink in the umbilical cord interfering with proper airflow. In some cases, however, this condition goes on far too long, and doctors and nurses fail to discover it or intervene with it, and children can be born with brain damage and other debilitating conditions.

Complications with Hypoxia & Anoxia

The proper amount of oxygen flow is necessary for every part of the body – especially to the brain. Hypoxia and anoxia almost always mean a form of brain damage or malfunction.

Lack of oxygen to the brain during birth can result in the following events and conditions:

This condition can occur in the womb through no fault of the mother or of health professionals, but, during complicated births where this is a factor, medical professionals are expected to monitor and take action against the harm of the infant. Sometimes, infants experience permanent damage from hypoxia and anoxia simply because of a failure to monitor them.

Fighting for Retribution for Your Child’s Damage

In the event that your child suffers damages from hypoxia or anoxia, medical professionals will often utter condolences such as “there was nothing we could do”, but that is not always the truth. The use of forceps and vacuum extractors when unnecessary, and the failure to anticipate the child’s risk of oxygen deprivation could directly cause brain damage in an infant child.

If your child has been affected by hypoxia and anoxia that was caused by or could have been prevented by your delivery staff, we want to help. Call the offices of our Chicago birth injury lawyers today at (312) 313-0266.

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