Chicago Prescription Errors

Potentially Deadly Medical Malpractice

We rely on our physicians and pharmacists to know what it best for the treatment of our conditions. With few questions asked, we look forward to the positive effects of our prescriptions and soon being symptom free. But, just like with anything, mistakes can be made that threaten, and in some cases, take the lives of patients. This can occur in a number of different forms.

Usually resulting from the failure of a medical professional to consider all factors or to gather all available information before making a prescription, errors have the potential to kill patents and even change their lives for years down the line. If the trust placed in your medical professionals has been violated by prescription errors, call our Chicago medical malpractice attorneys.

Common Forms of Prescription Error

Because so much needs to be considered when prescribing a medication, there are a lot of steps of the process during which it can fail. It’s important for these doctors to be aware of everything.

Prescription error usually happens in instances related to the following:

  • Prescribing the wrong drug
  • Errors in the formulation
  • Failures to adjust the medication
  • Poorly filled out paperwork
  • Failure to view patient history
  • Failure to acknowledge other medications

While we expect our health professionals to have this down to a science, many mistakes are still made on a daily basis. It is possible, as well, for your pharmacists to file prescriptions incorrectly, leading to a patient taking the wrong dose and suffering potentially fatal consequences.

Securing Your Legal Support

No matter how you were given an improper prescription, our team is trained to investigate the incident, locate the liable party, and begin the pursuance of your financial compensation. From the moment we entered legal training, we set out to protect patients just like you from medical wrong-doing. We work tirelessly for your success, and you won’t pay us a cent until we have secured everything we can.

Call (312) 313-0266 today to stand up against medical negligence and start the process of receiving your financial compensation.

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