Chicago Wrong Site Surgery

Fighting Back Against Negligent Surgical Mistakes

While these events are rare, they are gaining more and more recognition in the medical communities. There is a rigid scheduling system for surgeries that all medical facilities follow, but there are gaps in the system, wherein a patient may be incised in the wrong side or site of the body because the operating surgeon has the patient’s procedure confused with another’s.

Especially in metropolitan hospitals, it is possible for two individuals of the same name to be scheduled on the same day and same time for a surgery, with different procedures. The medical community is trying to tighten this up, but if you have been the victim of a mistake, or your loved one has, our Chicago medical malpractice team can fight to recover your compensation.

Understanding the Various Types

Wrong site surgery, or WSS, has a broad definition and includes a number of different, yet equally negligent mistakes made by medical professionals. These generally have to do with making incisions on the wrong area of the body, but expands to include others mistakes.

A wrong site surgery could be any of the following instances:

  • Wrong surgical procedure performed
  • Surgery performed on wrong site of the body
  • Surgical procedure performed on the wrong person
  • Surgery performed in the wrong location in a medical facility

These are mistakes no medical facility should make, and there are no excuses for these mix-ups. Often, they are the result of mere clerical errors that lead all the way up to the point of incision.

Fighting Back with Legal Representation

The ramifications are staggering – not only is the patient subject to the wrong surgery but now has to undergo corrective surgery to fix the mistake. It is as clear that medical facilities need to improve their identification processes as it is clear that patients and their families who have been exposed to this are due compensation for a wide variety of damages.

The Chicago medical malpractice attorneys at Romanucci & Blandin have nearly 140 years of combined experience in cases such as these. Call (312) 313-0266 today to have us on your side.

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